Secrets at Shipwreck Cove


Secrets at Shipwreck Cove


Pre-order Official WTC 2D Beach gaming mat & Terrain set

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“I tell ya, there be treasure at that beach. I have seen it with me own eyes. Ok, sure. I has seen it with me own eye! There be word about them ships that crashed on that beach. One of them be a trade ship, carrying more gold than you can imagine!”

“Secrets at Shipwreck cove” might look like a sunny beach, but don’t be fooled! The waves have crashed more than one ship at this shore. And you never know what they might have been carrying. But be warned! You are not the first adventurer digging for treasures on this secluded beach. You might just run into other glory seekers!

With 3 pieces of rubble and 2 pools of shallow water, this table will be a favourite among players who can easily move through difficult terrain, as they watch their opponents channel their armies through pockets of difficult terrain. The elevated terrain, linear obstacle and the building on the other hand will provide some much needed shelter against incoming enemy fire.


This set contains:

1 48" by 48" gaming mat.

2 rectangular zones (6" x 12")

2 circular zones (Diameter 12")

8 terrain pieces:

- 3 Rubble

- 2 Shallow water

- 1 Building

- 1 Linear obstacle

- 1 Hill


WARNING: these are pre-order terrain sets. You will be able to pick them up at the 2017 Warmachine & Hordes World Team Championship in Blankenberge, Belgium. For more information about the tournament, check out

If you can not make it to the WTC and want us to ship these items, contact us at for more information on shipping.