Ruins of the Faith

Desert basic.jpg
Desert basic.jpg

Ruins of the Faith


Pre-order Official WTC 2D Desert gaming mat & Terrain set

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“They had it coming, those horrible zealots. I tell you, sir, our main army rolled over their defences like the wrath of Morrow made flesh. Their temple was utterly destroyed. Their oil supplies set ablaze, so they can never hurt our compatriots again. That was a month ago. Bloody thing’s still burning! They tell me there’s riches still hidden among those ruins, but I tell you, sir. I’m sure as hell glad start you are going back there and not me.”

“Ruins of the Faith” features an old, ruined temple in the middle of the scorching desert. Once a proud monument to the one true faith, it is now quickly reclaimed by the sands. Go and discover its riches, before it is too late!

This set is as well-rounded as they come. 3 hills and a trench give you plenty of room to doge some bullets. 2 forests give you ample opportunities to hide your caster. The dense fog is great to hide in (but watch out for those ignoring clouds) and the burning earth is there just for a bit of extra flavor.


This set contains:

1 48" by 48" gaming mat.

2 rectangular zones (6" x 12")

2 circular zones (Diameter 12")

8 terrain pieces:

- 3 Hills

- 2 Forests

- 1 Trench

- 1 Dense Fog

- 1 Burning Earth


WARNING: these are pre-order terrain sets. You will be able to pick them up at the 2017 World Team Championship in Blankenberge, Belgium. For more information about the tournament, check out

If you can not make it to the WTC and want us to ship these items, contact us at for more information on shipping.