Revolt in the Streets

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City basic.jpg

Revolt in the Streets


Pre-order Official WTC 2D City gaming mat & Terrain set

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“They have barricaded themselves on the town square, kapitan. Bloody loyalists. Why can’t they realise they have lost and just give up?
Yes, sir. I agree. They should just bow their heads to their new masters. We won. They’re just too stubborn to admit it.
Understood, kapitan. Flush them out. We’ll have the square cleaned up by nightfall.”

“Revolt in the streets” is set in the middle of a big town, where soldiers engage in a bloody street-to-street war. The cracking of rifles echoes from the buildings, while the air is thick with the smoke of gunfire and the dust of collapsing buildings. Watch your back while you engage your enemies from close range in vicious close combat.

If you want to hide away from a shooting army, then this table is the place to be. 3 trenches, a linear obstacle and a piece of elevated terrain provide ample opportunities to get those defence bonuses against shooting, without hampering your advance. The 2 buildings block line of sight, allowing you to stay away from enemy fire. The shallow water on the other hand can provide a nasty speed bump for your opponent if you choose your table side wisely.


This set contains:

1 48" by 48" gaming mat.

2 rectangular zones (6" x 12")

2 circular zones (Diameter 12")

8 terrain pieces:

- 3 Trenches

- 2 Buildings

- 1 Linear Obstacle

- Shallow Water

- 1 Hill


WARNING: these are pre-order terrain sets. You will be able to pick them up at the 2017 World Team Championship in Blankenberge, Belgium. For more information about the tournament, check out

If you can not make it to the WTC and want us to ship these items, contact us at for more information on shipping.