Raid at the Beerfest

Grasslands basic.jpg
Grasslands basic.jpg

Raid at the Beerfest


Pre-order Official WTC 2D Grasslands gaming mat & Terrain set

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“No, miss. I ain’t drunk! Well… I might be, but that’s not the point, now is it? I tell you: I saw what I saw! Monsters! bigger than any man I’v ever seen. With snarling faces and long teeth. Like they were half man, half monster. They tossed over our tables. Broke all the kegs. Spilled all that delicious beer. Monsters, I say!”

“Raid on the Beerfest” features a lovely autumn scene of happiness, drinking and laughter, gone completely wrong. A warband of strange folk has just descended on the grounds, smashing everything to bits and cutting short the laughter of innocent people. It is up to you to come and defend these people. To defend your country. Are you ready?

With 3 forests, this table will be a favourite among Circle players. The extra 2 pieces of elevated terrain and the linear obstacle give some extra cover to hide from all those nasty ranged attacks your opponent might bring to bear on you. The brewery building helps you hide from the bullets. Watch out for the patch of rubble though, because it might just slow you down too much. So don’t be fooled, this is not a Beer & Pretzels table.


This set contains:

1 48" by 48" gaming mat.

2 rectangular zones (6" x 12")

2 circular zones (Diameter 12")

8 terrain pieces:

- 3 Forests

- 2 Hills

- 1 Linear Obstacle

- 1 Building

- 1 Rubble


WARNING: these are pre-order terrain sets. You will be able to pick them up at the 2017 World Team Championship in Blankenberge, Belgium. For more information about the tournament, check out

If you can not make it to the WTC and want us to ship these items, contact us at for more information on shipping.