Harvesting the Swamp

Swamp basic.jpg
Swamp basic.jpg

Harvesting the Swamp


Pre-order Official WTC 2D Swamp gaming mat & Terrain set

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“I’m still having nightmares of that place. The putrid stench of decaying flesh seeping into my clothes. Into my bones. The constant feeling of something wicked lurking in the shadows. And then I saw those pumpkins. The pumpkins! growing in the most rotten swampland that you can imagine. Bodies decomposing in its many puddles. Skeletons slowly dissolving in baths of acid. It is a wretched place, where death is waiting in every tree. In every clump of moist sand.”

"Harvesting the Swamp" is placed in the middle of a wretched swamp, where a rotten harvest is prepaired.  Pumpkins grow all over the land and are harvested for horrible purposes. Pigs run wild, waiting for hapless victims. And the waters contain remnants of adventurers who were stupid enough to come here.

This will be a favorite of all you minion players out there. With 2 pieces of shallow water, 1 rubble and 1 forest, it will be a nightmare for armies that don’t have access to pathfinder. Although the 2 pieces of dense smoke block line of sight, this battlefield will also be a favorite among shooting armies, especially the ones that can ignore clouds. The acid bath adds a dangerous piece of terrain that you will want to avoid.


This set contains:

1 48" by 48" gaming mat.

2 rectangular zones (6" x 12")

2 circular zones (Diameter 12")

8 terrain pieces:

- 3 Shallow Waters

- 2 Dense Fogs

- 1 Rubble

- 1 Forest

- 1 Acid Bath


WARNING: these are pre-order terrain sets. You will be able to pick them up at the 2017 World Team Championship in Blankenberge, Belgium. For more information about the tournament, check out wmhwtc.wordpress.com/

If you can not make it to the WTC and want us to ship these items, contact us at tomas@ontwerpbureauwit.be for more information on shipping.