It’s been a while

Vacation, it’s a bitch. Kids being home for 2 months apparently took quite a toll on the time that I should have been spending on important things like tiny toy soldiers. My wife obviously doesn’t agree. Something about priorities and all that.

So, 2 months of radio silence, for which I offer my apologies. I’ll try not to let it happen again. And convince my wife of the importance of blogging about war dollies.

That being said. WTC starts in exactly 1 week and I have been beavering away at the highest tempo I could maintain. The fact that I only knew 2 weeks ago what I had to paint and the fact that I am painting 4 armies (2 for myself in the solo masters, 2 for a friend in the WTC) and the heap of work I have in my daytime job (you know, that thing that allows me to buy war dollies) obviously doesn’t help either.

So in the end, it’s going to be a nailbiter. I’m pretty sure at this moment that there will be no way that I can get everything painted that is on those 4 lists. I’m just hoping that I can get the things on my mate’s lists (which are fixed because of WTC rules) ready and then I can always wing it even more in the solo masters myself. I wasn’t planning on winning any games anyway :)

That being said: pictures!

First up, a unit of vanilla Iron Fang pikemen. I already had a unit of Black dragons, but I needed a second one.

To go with the pikemen, I painted the elite Iron fangs, the illustrious Great Bears. They’re not what they used to be (in fact, they didn’t even make it in any of the final lists), but they were on the table for a while, so I painted them anyway.

On to the Merc solos. Whoever said merc solos were dead in Mk3 apparently wasn’t paying attention to Khador.

First up: Eyriss 1. I had 2 painted in Mk2, but since they nerfed all the usuefulness out of her and bunmped up her first incarnation so much, I had to paint the most awkward pose in the entire range.

Next is Kell Bailoch. No words needed. He is brilliant.

And finally, Alten Ashley. Together with Kell he is the mainstay of just about any sniper gunline. Add some widowmakers and maybe even a widowmaker marksman and you can do really nasty things to those enemy warbeasts.

So, short update. I need as much time behind my painting table as possible at the moment. I will keep you posted.