Bang bang!

Time for some more miniature madness.

First off, my excuses for the irregularity of my recent blogposts. WTC is coming up and I have had the megalomaniac idea of trying to enter 2 armies in the painting competition. One for the Solo masters (where I will be playing) and one for the WTC itself (my mate Christophe will be playing that one). We both play Khador, so that also ties in nicely with me trying to get my Khador backlog painted. This means I am frantically painting, so posting neat tutorials online takes a bit of a backseat at the moment.

Mk3 apparently means more 'jacks. So I thought I’d convert me some destroyers.

The first one was done in a running pose, firing his gun while dashing for cover. The burst is greenstuffed, all the rest is just the standard Khador heavy kit.

The second one is bracing for the recoil. I have to say, I start liking the Khador heavy plastic kit more and more. Apart from the sometimes abysmal casting quality and the fact that I keep getting mispacks, it is an incredibly fun kit to play with.

In the mean time, I painted up some rifle corps. Apparently, these are quite good in Mk3, so I moved them off of the shelf and on to my painting table. Not my best work by a long shot,  but that’s what you get when you’re on a deadline.

And as a little extra, I thought I’d throw in another juggernaut. Like I said, a lot of fun to play with. And yes, of course I had to do him in the classic superhero landing pose, as an hommage to Deadpool..

So, off to more painting. See you next time.