4 Warcasters walked into a bar

One of them brought a chicken...

The big problem with painting your backlog is that it is incredibly boring to write about. Most of these are models that have been sitting on my shelf or in a box for quite some time now and that are finally getting a splash of paint because I have nothing better to do to quench my warmachine thirst at the moment.

Boring to write about, so let’s get on with the pictures.

Kommandant Irusk

The genius commander of the Khadorian army. Great background, pretty solid in game, rather underwhelming miniature. Seriously, guys. I understand that this was a model from the beginning of the game, where PP’s sculpting skills weren’t up toi par yet, but this one is REALLY simple, isn’t it?

Koldun Kommander Zerkova

The only woman who can compete with Sorscha for the title of biggest Ice Queen of Khador. Once again, I love the fluff behind this model. In game, she might not have been the best in Mk2 (here’s hoping she will get better in Mk3), but the model is rather uninspired. The resculpt is a bit better, but to be honest, I think a lot more is possible given her background.

The Old Witch of Khador

Slowly getting there. The background is brilliant and the miniature is so incredibly full of flavor. From the rag-tag smoke stacks on her back to the ghostly faces sculpted into her cloak and the pair of scissors half hidden under that cloack. Really great model. I did get the feeling that I haven’t really done her the justice that she deserved. I don’t know if it is because I was not inspired at the moment (courtesy of the backlog painting), because I never have grown to like her in-game or because it is hard to add that level of personality when painting your entire army in the same color scheme. Truth is, I think she could have been better.


Same thing here, really. It took me a while before I understood what was w=hat on this model, but what a great miniature it is. From the staggering pose to the crows finding a place on top of the thing, it breathes atmosphere. And just like the Witch, I have a feeling I could have done more with the model.

Supreme Kommandant Irusk

Talk about a transformation! This might just be my favorite infantry warcaster model in the entire game. It gives him the presence on the battlefield that the supreme kommandant of an army deserves. And when you compare him to his prime version... It’s like comparing apples and laserprinters.

Up next: continuing on the backlog. I believe some ’jacks are up next.

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