Catching up on some ’jacks

After a couple of casters, it was time to catch up on some warjacks. Given the fact that we will apparently need more of them in Mk3, I thought having some extra choices wouldn’t be the worst idea.

The first one was the demolisher. I really like clam jacks in Khador . When in doubt, add more armor. I like the idea, I like the models, but I have been struggling for a long time to find a way to pose them. The balled-up version is nice (and I will probably do a devastator in that style somewhere down the road), but the opened version always looks a bit meh.

So, time to change things up. When assembling the Demolisher, I tried to go for a dynamic pose, where he is striking something with one of his huge slabs of armor.

Then it came to painting the thing up. Since this is a workhorse of a jack that literally uses its body as a wrecking ball, I added lots of dents and scratches to the armor. This one has seen some very bad times, obviously. I also decide to pose him slightly differently when gluing him together after painting. The left arm was raised higher in the back and the right arm was lowered a bit, to give him an even more dynamic, running pose.

Sometimes, you only realize the connections you made in your mind after you have finished a project. When this one was finished, I suddenly remembered the juggernaut of Marvel fame. It’s always funny to notice you were subconsciously inspired by something without noticing it.

Next was the Kodiak. This is one of the first conversions I did for my Khador army, some years ago. I have never gotten around to painting him, because he wasn’t the best ’jack in the old rules.

It’s still one of my favorite poses I have done for a Khador ’jack, though, so I decided to use this time of limbo to finally give him a lick of paint.

And with that, I’m out. Next up: quite a few (although luckily less than before) doom reavers.