Comeback of a forgotten 'jack

The Juggernaut. One of the iconic jacks that started the faction but that, in time, sadly got more and more pushed to the background by other, sexier jacks. It didn’t help that Khador usually plays best with single jacks on your caster, which left very little space in most lists for this cool dude.

The juggernaut is seeing a bit of a resurgence, though. Mainly due to the fact that he is ridiculously cheap (7pts) for a heavy. Combined with ARM 20, 34 hitboxes and a P+S 18 attack, this makes for a whole lot of armor that is packing a serious punch and so can’t be ignored. And with a caster like Butcher 3, you can actually run multiple jacks efficiently, leaving room for a 7 pts decoy.

But enough about the rules. I know you’re all here for the pictures.

The juggernaut started with a base. I always use plaster bricks for my Khador bases. They are cast in the excellent Hirst Arts molds. I use a combination of the fantasy brick molds. Mostly #201 for the floors and #250 for the walls, because these are smaller bricks and are thus better suited for basing. I add bits from other moulds I have lying around, though.

Next came the drilling and pinning. I always try to drill through the plaster buildings, but also into the base. This way, the integrity of your model doesn’t depend on the PVA glue holding the building to the plastic base. As you can see, I made a small mistake when I drilled. This left the final model sit too much to the front of the base, so I decided to drill a second hole right next to it and plug the first hole with greenstuff later.

Then came the legs, which were repositioned in a lot of small ways.

The right leg was cut into 4 different pieces, which were then put together with 2 1,5 mm pins.

The left leg was cut into 3 pieces and connected with a single 1,5 mm pin.

The legs were attached to the pelvis with a single pin, running through the pelvis. As you can see, the big advantage of brass rod is that you can bend it to get a better pose in the model.

Then came the torso.

The right arm was assembled with 3 pins. These were all separate pieces to begin with, so that was fairly easy.

The left arm was something else altogether. The same four basic pieces as the other arm were used, but I had to reposition the fingers, which meant cutting them loose and pinning them all separately. You can also see the brass rod going through the arm, all the way up into the shoulder.

When I put all of this together and added the necessary greenstuff and putty to the base, this was the result:

Which only left me with the task of painting him up.

An extra remark goes to the Ice axe. I really struggled coming up with a way to paint the ice axe blade. It had to be magical, but not too technicolor. In the end, I decided to paint some icy veins on it and make a bit of a stippled frost pattern on the part holding the actual blade. I might have overdone it a bit, but I think it really brings home the idea that it is a rather cold axe.

As usual, if you have any questions, you can find me on twitter (@tmsmnns), on facebook or on the PP forums (menace).