Trouble at the Pumpkin Farm

Hey everybody,

Got you guys another update on Cloudtop City.

I have been working on the first playable tile. Trouble at the Pumpkin Farm!

We don't intend to play full games of Super Dungeon Explore on these tiles, but the idea is to have a couple small adventures you can play quickly at a convention. So the playable area isn't very large. 

I decided to go for 3 islands for this one. A small one with a small docking bay where the heroes start, a larger one with a field of pumpkins where the monsters will spawn and where most of the playing will be done and a last one with a kind of farm house on it which will be mostly for display and for showing of my cool building stuff. 

At this moment in time i have finished building the farm and most of the farm house. I still need some work on the small island. I found some nice high elves sky cutters really cheap, which I'll use as an airship at the docking point. I'm going to try and magnetize these so you can add them when you start playing and have a nice starting point for your heroes.  

You might wonder why I chose for a pumpkin farm. Well, first of all because pumpkins aren't hard to make your self. I also like how they can be used on the playing area as movement and line of sight blockers. And lastly, Super Dungeon Explore has some great pumpkin models which will be great to use when playing. 

For the farm house I wanted something more than your typical farm but still recognizable as a farm. I started with a basic barn look and added some smaller expansions and a mill.  Now I know that a mill at a pumpkin farm doesn't make much sense, but it looked pretty  cool. 

As you can see on the pictures i still have some work to do. mostly on the small island. But since I felt like painting, I first painted the main island and the farm house. 

Hope you guys like it.