Old to new

This is a tale of mixed feelings and uncertainty.

Painting takes a lot of time. Especially if you want to uphold a certain standard. Given the fact that I like to play with painted miniatures and that Warmachine armies usually involve a lot of models, this means planning is key.

One way to keep me motivated is the promise of a painted army. I build a list (or 2 lists) that I'm playing at the moment and I start painting until it's finished. I usually build these lists with an eye on the WTC. So I was extremely happy when I was about to finish the last model on my current army: the marvel that is Beast 09. 

This project took a lot longer than expected. For some reason, it became quite a chore. Maybe it was the fact that it was the last model I needed, maybe it was because I hadn't expected the griffon to take so long, I don't know. Fact is that I was really looking forward to finally finishing him last week.

WTC means that I was planning on diving straight in my next list after this bad boy. That list would involve painting the 54 doom reavers that I have been postponing for quite some time now. It's a bit like going to the dentist. It isn't fun, but you you'll feel better afterwards.

And then the news ok MkIII hit. 

Now, I am super stoked over the new editions of Warmachine and Hordes. I think there were a lot of rules that were dragging the game down and from what I'm seeing from it, they have managed to tackle them all (my final hope is tough. I really, really dislike that rule). More so, list design and play style had become pretty stale. Everybody seems to be playing the same way (grinding the opponent down), usually with the same lists/casters. And that is never good for a game.

The only problem with all of this is that all of a sudden, I don't know what to paint anymore. I should be super happy because I finally finished my list, only to discover that I will probably have to change my list. It's like running a 15K run and seeing the guys pack up the finish line when you're almost there. And having to wait 2 months before you know where the new finish line is.

Which leaves the question: what to paint next? There's no way of knowing what I'll need in my new lists  until June. Although I'm petty sure from what I'm hearing that 54 doom reavers probably won't be a viable list anymore So the only thing to do is to start on my back log (which I see a lot of other gamers do). Get a few models done before June and then realize that I really should have painted... Well, we'll see, right.

Let's face it. The worst that can happen is that I finally get to paint some of those beautiful miniatures that I kept putting off because they weren't in any of my lists.