Opening a can of whoopass

This will be a short one. I have some more things lying around to show you all, but I thought the biggest homicidal maniac in the Warmachine universe deserved an update of his own. So I give you Orsus Zoktavir, The Butcher unleashed.

I have always loved the Butcher. He has such an awesomely deep background for a character that is at first glance so one-sided. With a special, humongous thanks to Dan Wells for writing this Novella on him. Really, if you haven’t read it yet, go and do it now. It is the best piece of fiction I have ever read about the Warmachine world.

I have long wanted an A tier caster in Khador. Someone to rival casters as eHaley, eLylyth and Harbinger. When they actually chose my favorite Khador caster for this (well, he is tied with Vlad), I was over the moon.

I am a bit disappointed though that he has become somewhat of an auto-include because of it. Which is why I have long resisted playing him. As you might know, I always want to be a special snowflake, playing with the casters nobody else is playing.

In the end, I caved. I mean, here’s one of my favorite characters, with a pretty versatile playstyle (I like running him jack-heavy) who has gotten one of the most awesome sculpts ever. I mean, lok at that cloak blowing in the wind. The combination of rage and an eerie calm in his face (ok , this might be just me, pretending this). I just love the model.

As for the painting, I kept him relatively simple, I think. I mean, he follows the usual painting scheme of my Khador army. I don’t  particularly like to paint characters completely different from the rest of the army. I did try a freehand pattern on his cloak, though. I like doing patterns on cloaks to break up the gigantic empty areas and to make the casters stand out a bit more, while staying in the overall theme. A swirly pattern (like I did with Vlad for example) didn’t really feel right for Butcher, so I chose a typical russian motiv that I found online.

So thanks, PP, for making me a very happy Khador player by releasing this model.