Painting the town blue

Hello everybody,

I have been very busy the last couple of weeks. I managed to get most of the city painted and I'm very excited to share my progress with you guys. 

As the board will be for Super Dungeon Explore, I wanted some of the fun and cuteness to be represented in the city, I chose bright and light colors, the blue roof tiles contract very nicely with the grey stone and the green grass and add a lot to the light atmosphere of the city. The grey stones go from dark to light towards the top to give the hole thing more depth. I also spent ages highlighting each stone to help add to the more cartoony look I am aiming for. For the windows I went for a warmer color to help liven op the city. The orange also contrasts very nicely with the blue roofs. 

A very important part of any city is its market. I wanted to have a small market place with a potion shop and a nice statue. I also added a banner to the little tower. This helps to add a little color in an otherwise big grey area. I had a long thought about what I wanted to put on the banner and in the end chose to just put a heart onto it (because it's easy to paint) 

Between 2 buildings I built an assembly line that supplies the potion store with fresh potion from the enchanter.

Every town needs an inn.

An antiques store. the little doll is named Vinnie. He is the mascotte of my gaming club.

A little black smith, I'm looking forward to putting the new kickstarter npc's in the city.

Next to the black smith there is a small weapons shop.

A little off the main island you find this little shack, for all your private needs.

And everybody knows that you can't adventure on an empty stomach. 

That's it for today. Next up: trouble at the pumpkin farm.