Brace for impact!

This might be a big one.

So. First things first. Ruin is finished! Here’s a quick picture for those who are not interested in all the details about painting techniques anyway. And who just want to see the toy soldiers.

Now, with that out of the way, where were we? Oh yeah,. Blood and gore

Last time I left you, I was about to embark on painting blood spatter. I do have to warn you, the pictures aren’t all that clear. I usually paint in very little light. It is fine to paint, but it’s pretty bad to take pictures in it. My excuses.

 First, I painted the blood spatter with Game Color Gory Red (yeah, I know).

I highlighted it slightly with Bloody red

And painted a glaze of Charred brown into the recesses.

To finish it all off, I highlighted every drop with Dead white, to really make it pop. I know you can use technical paints for the blood that will really shine like real blood, but I didn’t want that. I don’t hink it suits the painting style that I use.

For the souls, I started with my airbrush. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the right color in Airbrush paint, so I had to mix it myself. I used some Game Color Foul green and mixed it with the Airbrush Thinner, in a 50/50 ratio.

I sprayed it on the souls, making sure that there was some overspray on the model itself. This is one of the most scary steps of painting a model like this, because you can’t correct it of you’re doing anything wrong. So patience is key.

Next up was a coat of Model Air Hellblau RLM65, which was painted with a bit less overspray.

To finish the souls, I used a Foul Green glaze to put some more shadows back into the souls and finished it off with Dead White Highlights.

Next up: the armour. Now, I won’t show you step by step details of all of this (because that might get very boring). I’ll use the canopy as an example.

First step is tracing all the panels with black and painting all the metal bits black. This helps to define the airbrushed armor plates.

Next step, I put some edge highlights on the armor plates with Game Color Bonewhite, to make them pop even more.

The metal bits then. As some of you might know, I’m a big fan of Non metallic metal. Mainly because I like the overall look of it. I tend to paint in a slightly cartoonish style and I don’t think true metal paints fit that style.

So first, Black basecoat.

Next, I paint everything except the deepest shadows with a 50/50 mix of Black and Game Color Cold Grey.

Then, I put some pure Cold Grey where I want my highlights and wet-blend it into the darker color.

I repeat this step, but with Game Color Stonewall Grey

And finally, the brightest highlights are touched up with dead white.

I will stop you the boring details of how I painted things like the wolf’s pelt and the likes. I think I have tested your patience long enough.

So, picture time! Behold, Ruin.

Now let’s see what I will do next.