Am I trolling you?

Time for an update on Ruin.

It will be a short update. I did a lot of greenstuff work on the troll. The big disadvantage to cutting up models and repositioning them is that you need quite a bit of greenstuff to make all those pieces fit once again.

The first part was the belly. In order for the troll to be lying flat on his back, I had to glue the torso separately from his legs, leaving a big gap where his belly is. Just a matter of putting some greenstuff in the gap and smoothing it out. The sam goes for the gap at the top of his right leg.

Next, the hair on his back. I had to cut away the crest , so the troll could lie on his back. I resculpted all of it in such a way that it was draped over the stones of the base. I still don’t know if the crest is supposed to be thick hair or some kind of spikes on his back. I opted for the former, simply because it makes for a cooler miniature .

Then came the loincloth. Always a difficult one. There is nothing that looks more out of place than a piece of cloth not hanging the right way. I cut away the corner of the cloth and resculpted it, hanging down. I opted to do only the corner. Partly because he is still falling, so the colts wouldn’t be completely flat on the stones. Partly to protect the troll’s modesty. Partly because this was way easier than resculpting the whole fracking thing.

Finally, the feet. The troll’s feet are usually flat at the bottom, because the miniature is standing on them. So with my trusted greenstuff, I added soles to his feet and toes.

Aside from the usual filling of gaps and some extra work on the base, that was it.

Next up: getting Ruin ready.