Blood, Brains and Soul

It feels strange to write a disclaimer for a blogpost about a miniature you’re converting, but here it goes: If you’re easily offended by graphical representation of extreme violence, please stop reading now. This one might be too brutal for you.

With that out of the way, Let’s get on with the show!

I have always been a huge fan of the French comic book series of Lanfeust de Troy and one of its main spinoffs Trolls de Troy. They are high-fantasy like only the French could write them: baudy, tongue-in-cheeck and with extreme graphical violence. I have no idea if they were ever translated in whatever is your native language (I started reading them in Dutch), but do read them if you find one in a language you understand. You won’t regret it. When I originally started on the overall pose and idea for my ruin, I knew that inspiration for the big smash wasn’t far away.

But how do you translate all of this blood spray onto a miniature? First, as always, I started with a bit of brass rod. Well, make that a LOT of brass rod. The greenstuff needs something to cling to, so I went to town with my trusted drill. The end result of which looked more like some sort of porcupine.

Next came the greenstuff. I covered the pins with it, making sure to cover them as thinly as possible. Like most organic shapes in greenstuff, this is mainly a matter of trial and error. Try some things out and see what sticks. The main thing to keep in mind is that the overall view is more important than the individual bits.

With the blood and gore out of the way, the soul was next.

I always intended to have some sort of soul escaping from the troll, flowing up one of Ruin’s arms. It is in character with the soul collecting he has and if done right, it should help to conceal the ugly pin holding the top model in place.

Once again, I started with a framework of brass rod. All of this was done with 1 mm brass rod, the thinest I had lying around. Then came the souls, sculpted on the frame. This was also the moment I realised it might have been wiser to wait before attaching the troll’s arms. Some extra room to fit a sculpting tool in there would have been nice.

And with that done, I could put it all together. Finally, time for some finished build pictures! Behold the abomination that is called Ruin:

Next up: painting the beast. Give me some time for this, though. I still have a few pikemen to finish painting first.