All about that base

Christmas time usually means less time for painting and converting (but more time for eating and drinking, so you won’t hear me complaining).

I did manage to get a few things done, though:

First, I finally got my Iron Fang Kovnik painted. He and an entire unit of Black dragons has been sitting on my painting desk for quite a while, now. Painting units usually takes a lot of time. Especially if you don’t want to drop your standards for them. The rest of the unit can be expected somewhere in the near future, but this guys already escaped.

the other thing I did was work on the base for Ruin. I think I mentioned a dire troll last time, right?

I wanted Ruin to be smashing something. Although you can always opt for him smashing a wall or something, it’s cooler if he is actually killing a model. Given his reputation as a gigantic beat-stick, I wanted him to be smashing something rather substantial. I didn’t want to go for a warjack, because they don’t have souls. Given the fact that Ruin has soul collecting abilities, I thought I could work with that. The idea is that the soul of the thing Ruin is smashing will be escaping from the body and will be swirling around the miniature.

So, a warbeest. Warp wolfs are nice, but he already has one on his shoulder. Legion warbeasts aren’t known for their staying power and I wanted him to be killing something tough. A Skorne titan was an option, but in the end I went for a Dire Troll mauler. Mostly because it is one of the most fearsome beasts out there, combining killing power with staying power. A worthy opponent of my Khadorian monster.

So I went and bought me a Dire troll. Just to put him on a base. Yeah, I know. 

The base itself starter with the usual Hirst art plaster bricks that I have used for the rest of the army. They are easy to cast and they look great. I like building them up quite high. First, because it means the weapons of your heroically posed miniatures will stick out above the opponent’s miniatures. Second, because it adds quite a bit of weight to the base, which will prove to be invaluable if you want to model your miniatures like they are jumping.

The troll is cut into pieces, pinned and then trimmed down in the right places, so he can be flat on his back on the base. I used some Milliput to put between him and the base, to make a very good join. The miliput doesn’t stick once it’s dry, but it makes for a perfectly connecting surface where you can put your superglue once the putty is dry.

The next step is putting Ruin on top of this base. I drilled 2 holes all the way through the troll, the milliput, the brick structure and the plastic base. These 2 holes are used to put the 2 brass rods into that I left at the previous stage. By making them go all the way through, into the base, you are not relying on the glue holding everything together.

So, next up: time for greenstuff and detailing, Gluing all the extra bits on Ruin and filling up all the gaps that I left on the troll.

See you next time.