New Year’s resolution: add more Ruin to my life

I am convinced you should start your New Year's resolutions early. Hitting the ground running and all that kind of nonsense. Besides the obvious (Yay! New website!), I also decided to try my hand at some competitive Khador.

Now, Khador has always been my first love when it comes to Warmachine/Hordes. The models are just so gorgeously bulky (and I still think that PP do their best work when they can get bulky) and the background is fantastic. Yes, we are a bunch of power-hungry megalomaniacs who just want ALL the pie, but we live in a cold and dreary place and are very stoic about it, so we get away with it.

The problem is that I have never gotten around to embracing the Khadorian way of doing battle. Part of it is that I prefer a playstyle where I can surprise my opponent and change my gameplan half-way through the battle. The other part is that Khador has a lot of extremely flavorful and fun casters to play with, but they have very few 2-list combinations that can take on all comers. And I am usually not a big fan of netlisting or following the consensus.

So for 2016, I decided to put my feelings of wanting to be a unique little snowflake aside for a while (I just don’t have the time to experiment with casters long enough at the moment) and dive right into Khador powerplay. And that means Butcher. Preferably Butcher 3, although his second incarnation is more in line with the Belgian School of Khador (yes, it exists).

And if you say Butcher, you say Ruin.

A 'jack as epic as Ruin deserves an epic pose. He is the 'jack that everybody wants to use, just because he is so incredibly awesome. And it is one of the most characterful 'jacks in the entire background. That and the fact that I apparently have a bit of a reputation to uphold.

So, epic pose. I found my inspiration in the pose of one of Malifaux’ cooler models: Ototo from the Ten Thunders faction. I love the "smashing things to smithereens" pose, with his full weight behind the stroke. I'm also a big fan of jumping models anyway.

Now, to translate this pose to Ruin. As I always do, I started by drilling and pinning the hell out of the model. Since the biggest part of the model’s weight will be carried by just a few contact points, I used 2 mm brass rod. That’s some heavy duty brass rod, that can support just about anything. I drilled all the way through the arms, so there will be a rod going from the base, through the arm, straight into the shoulder. This prevents the model form breaking off at the elbows.

I also drilled all the way through the shaft of the mace. That way, I can run a rod all the way through the weapon, giving me a second contact point at the tip.

I don’t glue anything in place at this moment (well, I did glue the arms when I was sure they weren’t going to change any more). This is easier for reposing and for painting. I also leave the brass rods as long as possible at this point. You can always cut a bit off when you do the final pose, bit it’s quite a bit harder to make it longer.

With a bit of Blue-tac, you can put your model together, to have an idea of what the finished model will look like.

I’m not entirely happy with the feet at the moment. I would like the feet to be a bit lower, so his body appears a bit more straight, but I don’t know if that’s possible with the model. I think the arms will just be too short for that.

Next up: finding a model to put under the mace. Let’s see if I have a dire troll mauler lying around somewhere.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know below.

See you next time!